Our Mission

In Lotus Position is a Public Relations Office promoting mindfull business. We help you do good through strategic PR campaigns, and promote your message and ethos. We are a heart-led office, and we love ethical and engaged clients. You are conscious and ethical, inspirational thought leaders, cruelty-free, fair-trade, eco-friendly, natural, organic producers, animal defenders, . You are change makers in various activities and offer conscious, environment-friendly, and ethical products and services.


You are warriors of positive change. We want to support you and to promote your efforts.

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Our History

We are a mindful business at core. We take pride in nurturing a genuine connection with you, us, and the media, and the cause we defend. We put conscious and ethic first. We also have a passion for authentic, compelling stories that serve a meaningful purpose, whether online, print, or broadcast, and we work hard at spreading your message.

In Lotus Position was founded by Veronique Foucher, a PR consultant ; you may have seen us under the name Edito Relations Presse back in years.

For us, PR means Support. It means that we want to be at your side to support causes we believe in.

The animal cause is our fight as much as yours, the environment is also what makes us get up in the morning.

Like you, we want this world to change and we want to be part of that change.

Our talent is to promote actions and writing, this is what we can bring to you.


In  lotus Position

Media Relations for Mindfull Businesses & Ethical projects